From the Desk of Principal

NSPS has aimed at the holistic development of students not merely “learning to know” and “learning to do” but “learning to be” which is the vital part of an integrated personality. I believe that every child deserves and needs a high quality broad based education in order to help the children to develop in successful personalities bursting with characters. We are committed to academic excellence, spiritual and moral values, physical health, vitality and in sum to the development of each students potential. Development of intellectual qualities such as reflection, introspection and tolerance becomes imperative as does the ability to overcome negative emotions. I think that success is the problem but failure is the formula, you can’t solve the problem without knowing the formula. Apart from preparing the children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being made to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world. It is a matter of great importance for us that our students should carry forward the values they have inherited, excel in whatever they do and be role models in the society. Our dedicated staff and I will try our best to create a motivating and joyous atmosphere to horizons of possibility to grow, to learn and to shine like the rising sun.

Dr. Sapandeep Kaur Gill